Mechanic’s Lien, Stop Notices & Bond Claims

       Warning, July 1, 2012 marks the end of 40 years of established mechanic’s lien law in California.  This means that EVERY contractor has to change its mechanic’s lien procedures or risk not getting paid.

       Prosperous Law Group (APC) works with clients to insure that they are paid for the work performed on public and private projects.  Over the years, we have developed a proven track record on how to handle these types of collection matters in a cost-effective manner that ends with a favorable result for the clients. We are always ready to assists at any point of the process. This includes:


  • Preparing preliminary notices
  • Making informal demands for payment
  • Filing mechanic’s liens, stop notices and bond claims
  • Negotiating with surety bonds
  • Pursuing formal legal action

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