Construction Contract Negotiation

A construction contract is the heart of the relationship between different parties working on a construction project. The contracts between the project owner, general or prime contractor and subcontractors define the working relationship between the parties.

It is not uncommon for parties to commit to contract terms with other parties not even named in their own contract. Moreover, the constantly evolving nature of the different parties to a construction project requires diligent monitoring of the contract terms in order for clients to stay competitive and prosperous.

Often, the greatest risks in a contract appears in the very plain and unassuming places such as the indemnification agreements, insurance requirement sections, or lien release clauses. Often wrapped up in very plain generic boilerplate looking language are pitfalls that greatly affect the subcontractor’s ability to dispute or challenge the general/prime contractor’s or owner’s claims and may cause delay or even forfeiture to payments.

Prosperous Law Group has extensive in-depth knowledge and background resolving contractual issues. Our experiences provide us with the insight of where to search for hidden conditions and to skillfully avoid the risks in any construction contract. We work closely with our clients in analyzing the project contracts, negotiate contract terms, and assess the risk for liability to the client under the negotiated terms.

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