Construction Defect Litigation

       Construction defect litigation is an entirely different kind of beast with its own set of rules and norms that is foreign to everyone not involved in this industry. No longer a cottage-industry, construction defect litigation has now spawned legal specialties and sub-specialties. All of which depend upon the ever growing and expanding litigation and related peripheral litigation within the construction defect world.
       Our office prides itself in working directly with contractors who have self-insured retentions, high deductibles and/or want to limit their overall out-of-pocket expenses by paying less deductibles and lower premiums.
 Most contractors are used to working with insurance adjusters and the insurance counsel paid by the insurance adjuster to “represent” the contractor during the construction defect litigation. Most contractors have come to realize that they are often left out of the decision making process when their own insurance company and its hired attorneys take over the case. We believe that such practice is just plain wrong.
We keep our allegiance to our clients. We ask these very important questions, “is your company in the business of litigation? Is being involved in lawsuits part of your company’s profit strategy?” If not, you need to do what you can to steer clear of litigation or at a minimum, reduce your likelihood of being pulled into a litigation that is not of your choosing. Where our clients are involved in litigation, we work with all of the parties involved to make sure that our clients achieve an advantageous outcome.
 We have successfully guided our clients through the very difficult past few years with our proven litigation management strategies and we are confident that we will be able to do the same moving forward.

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