About Tran & Company Prosperous Law Group

Tran & Company Prosperous Law Group serves as general counsel for small and growing businesses in the construction services, licensed nursing care services, and other professional human-capital intensive businesses. Our mission statement is simple:  We help grow your vital business. We commit ourselves to building a long-lasting relationship with all of our clients by providing a clear path to their goals and resolving legal issues with the application of vision and reason.

How We Can Help

We consistently solve our clients’ immediate legal issues by anticipating their future legal needs as to avoid further disputes and mitigating legal costs. We remain at the forefront of the laws affecting our clients by actively participating and serving on educational and leadership committees of various organizations such as Small Business Association (SBA), California Professional Association of Specialty Contractors (CALPASC), Roofing Contractors Association, Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) and numerous other trade associations. We are most proud of our effort in publishing articles, speaking at industry seminars, hosting practical hands-on-training workshops, and participating in panel discussions with other professionals on topics involving our clients’ interests.